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Frequently asked Questions

How do I register?

To register, click on the "REGISTER" button in the menu at the top of the page and the registration form page will be open, which you need to fill it with your personal details.   After filling it, click on submit button, if you filled in the form correctly, a greeting message will appear confirming that you have done everything right Open your email and make sure you get the message from "AdDubay" Open the incoming email, it contains a message with your details and a "CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION" button, click the button and the "AdDubay" site will be open, then you have confirmed the registration and you are automatically logged in and you can see in the upper right corner your username, which is also on the left side of the "MY AdDubay" panel.   You can now place, edit, delete your ad or track ads from other advertisers, send messages to other users, etc.

How can I place an ad?

To place your ad, you need to be registered and logged in, which you can make sure your if your username is displayed in the upper right corner of front page. The next step is to click on the "Place an ad" button (top right corner) Then you will be presented with an ad placement form. 1. In the form, first select a category from the drop-down list (to which your product or service belongs). This is a required field 2. Then select a subgroup (to make the product or service more easily searchable). This is a required field 3. Enter the title of your ad next to "Title", a well-written headline results in a better search. This is a required field 4. In the "Description" field, describe your product or service so that you can better represent them. This is a required field 5. In the "Price" field, enter the price of your product or service, only by numbers, you can leave this field blank in the ad view as well, instead of the "Call" message. 6. Currency is AED. 7. Upload images of your ad, click on "Place the Image +" button, a window will open for you to select images from your computer. First, select one image, which will be visible when selecting the ad, as the cover, then click the "Upload Image +" button again and select the others, you can do more than one at a time, up to 10 photos in total with the cover image. 8. The final step is to wait, click on the box next to "I agree to the Terms of Use", confirming that you accept the terms of use of the "AdDubay" site and clicking the "Place your Ad" button, You will appear a page where confirm that you want to post your ad and click the "PLACE AD" button to confirm Then you placed your ad and the front page of the site will open where you can see your ad in the.

How can I edit the data and images in my ad?

You can change your ad, information in your ad, Category, Group, Title, Ad Description, Price, Currency and Images in the "MY AdDubay" section on the left by clicking on my ads option, clicking on it and then all your ads will appear on the right. In the list of ads on the right, the ad you want to modify click on the "EDIT AD" button and the ad will open, as when placing the ad, filled with all the data that you can edit now. The pictures you want can be deleted or new ones added. When you move the arrow over the image, a red box with the letter X will appear in the upper right corner, clicking on the X will delete the image and clicking on the "Upload Image +" button will add new images. The cover image comes first and by deleting that image and selecting a new one you can change the cover image. When you have completed all the changes, click the "Change your ad" button and your ad will be modified.

How can I delete an ad?

You can delete your ad in the "MY AdDubay" section on the left by selecting my ads option, clicking on it and then all your ads will appear on the right. In the list of ads on the right, the ad you want to delete, click the "DELETE" button and your ad will be deleted.

How do I search for ads?

You can search for ads in many ways. First, select a group from the drop-down list and then a category to narrow your search. You can select the city from which you want to see the ads. You can also search by name, product or service you are looking for. Enter your search term in the "keywords" box and click on the magnifying glass on the right.

I forgot my password, how do I find it?

If you forgot your password, click on the "LOGIN" button, which is at the top of the page in the menu and a logging dialog will appear, then in the "USER NAME" field enter your USER NAME and in the "PASSWORD:" field enter "123" and click below the "LOGIN" button to the "Reset password" link and you will receive a message with your password in your email.

How do I edit my personal information?

To edit your information, click on "My profile" on the left side of the "MYAdDubay" panel and a form with your information will appear. The information you can edit is phone number, city, address and password, after the change click the "Save" button and for other changes please contact us via the contact message, which is at the top of the menu.

What is My AdDubay?

"My AdDubay" is the user control panel. Each registered user has their own control panel "My AdDubay" in which there are managing options.
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