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Customized Jewelry

50 AED
IRIS 3D technology has made it possible for anyone to design and create excellent jewelry from the comfort of their homes. Today it is becoming the trend to design and wear customized jewelry and 3D Printing will help to make the dream possible. There are various benefits of using 3D printing jewelries. Perhaps the most important benefit is that you can make professional jewelry without incurring huge upfront costs. You can make jewelry to give as presents to your loved ones or sell at a profit. There are several advantages to using 3D printing to produce jewelry. These include: • Very complex designs can be created. Historically, jewelry casting patterns were carved from wax using CNC machines. 3D printing is not restricted by the limitations of CNC machining and is able to produce parts that have in the past were impossible to make. Designs can also easily be customized. • With 3D printing, multiple patterns can be made at once and within a very short time frame. This has significantly reduced lead times as well as cost when compared to traditional pattern making techniques (wax CNC, aluminum molds for casting etc). • 3D printing also allows multiple designs to be produced in a single print. This means it is very cost competitive pricing for low production volumes (an important issue for jewelry where customers typically want a one-off piece). IRIS 3D Printing Dubai, offers Customized 3D Printed Jewelry, 3D Models, Scale Models, Architectural Scale Models, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping. We are just a call away : +971 55489 8902 | +971 4 587 7173
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100 AED
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Dubai Sparkle

Dubai Sparkle offers high quality jewellery at low prices. Our aim has always been to offer exceptional value for money. We do this by partnering directly with selected, high quality jewellery manufacturers. https://www.dubaisparkle.com/
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